Drug Interactions

What is the impact of certain drug interactions?

When two or more separate drugs or prescribed medications have been absorbed into the body, they may create profound drug interactions. Certain drugs alter the way other drugs are absorbed in the stomach and intestines, or affect the excretion of other drugs. These drug interactions occur in chemical and physical intravenous mixing or mixtures of injections.

Drug interactions may either increase or decrease the drug’s effects. Competitive effects occur in a combination of drugs, they can be positive or negative, depending on whether the drugs have synergistic or antagonistic effects. Or, drug displacement interactions are a possibility, this can occur at bonding sites or receptor sites. Alternatively, the combination of drugs can produce a new effect that neither drug produces on its own.

Forensic Toxicologist drug interaction investigations

New understandings emerge regularly about drug interactions and their observed effects. Forensic toxicologists at The Forensic Panel have a deep understanding of the complexities and implications of drug interactions. Experts of The Forensic Panel have diverse experience in criminal cases and death investigations raising drug interaction questions.

Given the range of possibilities that expands markedly with each prescription or substance ingested, The Forensic Panel’s peer-review ensures a diligent and objective examination of all possibilities, and a diligent investigation of a victim or defendant’s unique chemical makeup and the effect of drug interactions.