Our Internship Training Opportunities:


The Forensic Panel consults on some of the most cutting-edge and compelling cases in North America. We have hosted post-graduate, graduate, and undergraduate trainees for almost twenty-five years in case internships that develop a range of skills at the intersection of science, law, research, and investigation.


The Forensic Panel offers internships to a small number of select talented and committed student volunteers from a range of disciplines, from psychology to criminal justice to pre-law, pre-med, linguistics, law enforcement, and social work career tracks. Interns acquire practical, relevant experience in the range of activities relating to forensic mental health and forensic medical case assessment. The internship refines students’ case review, evidence searching, working with standardized definitions, the limits of interpretability, and offers the opportunity to participate hands-on in influential casework.


Interns who are selected for the program are trained and supervised by The Forensic Panel’s staff to develop their professional aptitudes, and work alongside and interact with us in applying these skills in a practice setting that sets the standard for ethical and qualitative excellence.


Applicants with a particular interest and experience in academic publication will be given opportunities to collaborate on interesting projects and articles for the academic literature.


Forensic Case Management Internship




Review of pre-trial investigative, medical, and forensic records of cases; scientific research of case-related topics; editing and proofreading manuscripts; data-mining specific questions; other litigation-support investigative research, including internet searching, and testimony review. These opportunities require meticulously detail-oriented, honest, enthusiastic, responsible, and deadline responsive individuals, with precise written and verbal communication skills.


The opportunity requires 20 hr/week commitment for a period of 6 months. Exceptional interns may be offered an extended internship. Please note that this is a virtual internship to be completed remotely. We can be flexible with shift times to accommodate external work and study commitments. 


How to apply: 


Interested individuals should submit a cover letter, resume/CV, and two academic writing samples to our Internship Director at



Forensic Research Remote Internship


This is an internship in which the student reviews case data, academic literature, and collaborates with senior researchers preparing original articles on cutting edge topics at the interface of law and mental health. Exposure to research methodology, publication, and leading edge thinkers in forensic psychiatry and criminology.


About The Forensic Panel: The Forensic Panel is one of the pre-eminent forensic consultation practices in America, specializing in the behavioral, medical, and forensic sciences. Trusted in the most sensitive litigation in criminal and civil courts, The Forensic Panel has research cutting edge topics and published in numerous areas that educate the scientific community in objective, forward thinking, evidence-based ways.


About The Depravity Standard: The Depravity Standard is a groundbreaking effort aiming to standardize the distinction of the worst of crimes. A multi-tiered approach has carefully studied legal case decisions, attitudes of the general public, and actual case material to refine an evidence-based appraisal of the intents, actions, and attitudes that embody the most depraved crimes. The research is directed Dr. Michael Welner, a nationally renowned forensic psychiatrist. For more information on the project, visit


Our Research Internship Program:

  • The experience offers interns practice in cultivating their research and evidence review skills, which are essential to any behavioral science, legal or forensic field.
  • Students work alongside and interact with professional staff of The Forensic Panel and receive direct feedback from Dr. Welner, and Dr. Matt DeLisi, a nationally renowned criminologist.
  • Students directly contribute to research and preparation of manuscripts for publication in the academic literature.
  • Interns critically review academic literature to keep abreast of cutting-edge developments in numerous critical areas of the forensic science and law interface.
  • Students are engaged in creative challenges for evidence collection and applications of The Depravity Standard project.
  • Students participate in researching experts through opinions and social media to identify opinions and cases of note.




This opportunity requires a detail-oriented, honest, creative mature, enthusiastic, and responsible individual with strong and precise written communication skills.


The opportunity requires 15--20 hr/week commitment for a minimum of 6 months.


The position requires excellent research skills and comfort level with academic literature, strong writing abilities, fluency with available and relevant resources, creative thinking and industry, and a thirst to learn.


We welcome students from all academic backgrounds.


How to apply: Interested individuals should submit a cover letter, resume and 2 academic references, and 2 writing samples to