Toxicant Identification

A forensic toxicologist may be needed to identify toxicants such as chemicals, drugs, and poisons, in a defendant or claimant.

Personal injury cases involving motor vehicle accidents, industrial and occupational mishaps, or community tragedies may be influenced by what toxicant or chemical was in the system of the responsible party – or in the victim.

An important aspect of the interpretation of findings is the quantity of the chemical present in terms of tissue concentration or blood level. The analytic methods of forensic toxicologists are specific and standardized, and expert analysis of identified or misidentified toxicants or drugs requires a sophisticated understanding of these assays and formulas.

Peer Reviewed Toxicant Identification and Assessment

From years of experience and leadership in their fields, the forensic toxicologists at The Forensic Panel possess the expertise to examine the methodology of toxicant, drug and chemical assessment. Their analysis is subject to peer review in order to ensure adherence to standard updated protocols in forensic toxicology and to maximize diligence and fairness in the interpretation of data. Peer review contributes to confidence that The Forensic Panel’s toxicant identification findings provide the last word to the court.