Toxicology Medical Malpractice

Whether a person is going for a yearly check-up or preparing for a life threatening surgery, a person has the expectation that the level of medical evaluation and treatment should be reflective of the standards of the medical field as a whole. As such, when diagnosis, evaluation or treatment deviate from this standard, medical malpractice may have occurred.

At The Forensic Panel we provide expertise in a wide range of medical malpractice cases including prescription drug malpractice cases. The forensic toxicologist can distinguish causation in the event that the wrong medicine was prescribed or an inappropriate dosage of medication had harmful consequences. Prescription drug and Toxicology malpractice cases turn on whether or not damage directly resulted due to a deviation from standard care, and causation may be hotly disputed, The Forensic Panelís peer-review mechanism compels the requisite diligence and objective review in the face of multiple potential causes. Our peer review additionally ensures an adherence to standards of the science, essential to determining to what degree those standards have been breached.