Alcohol and Drug Overdose Toxicology

A drug or alcohol overdose may be self-inflicted, accidental, or the product of a malicious act. The Forensic Panel’s forensic toxicologists have the expertise to correctly identify the history needed to resolve drug and alchol overdose inquiries, and to properly interpret evidence bearing on all of the possibilities. Determining whether somones has overdosed on drugs or alcohol requires a professional forensic toxicologist experienced in the assessment of drug overdose and drug interaction questions.

Forensic Panel Toxicologists Expert Drug or Alcohol Overdose Assessment

Every substance has a unique set of characteristics, from effect size to metabolizing efficiency. Overdose questions require expertise in the subtle workings of drugs. Expert toxicologists at the Forensic Panel have that kind of savvy and experience to inform the complex analyses required to determine whether a drug or alcohol overdose occurred. Due to the many possibilities surrounding a suspected drug or alcohol overdose, The Forensic Panel’s peer-reviewed oversight to ensures that all options have been explored with maximum diligence, fairness, and adherence to standards of toxicology.