Product Liability & Contamination

Product liability cases may affect many, and tremendous claims may arise. In product liability cases, as with toxic torts, the forensic toxicologist appraises the composition of any chemical or toxin, and investigates the nature of the exposure to the claimant. Knowledge of signs and symptoms of chemical exposure and alternative causes is an important forensic toxicology expertise.

Because of the quantity of claims, product liability and toxic tort claims attract highly contentious disputes. The civil complaint may outpace the availability of research; sensitivity to updated scientific understandings, along with an appreciation of the existing research methodology, becomes pivotal to educating courts and triers of fact about the heart of the matter.

The Forensic Panelís diversity of expertise enables analysis of product liability claims and toxic torts to benefit from highly qualified experts in medicine, toxicology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, medicine, and pathology. The world-class expertise of forensic specialists in diverse disciplines further distinguishes The Forensic Panelís resources for assessing the different facets of this complex litigation.

Peer-review ensures a diligent approach to complex questions, such as: What is the relationship of the harmful substance and the product in question? What is the nature of the aggravating substance and its effects on the human body? Are the victimís symptoms consistent with these effects? Are there any other possible sources of the victimís symptoms? Is it possible to ascertain, with reasonable certainty, the root of these symptoms? Likewise, the experts at The Forensic Panel have a deep understanding of the effects of potentially harmful substances on the human body and use this expertise to responsibly assess the future consequences of contamination.