Questions of guardianship are typically very emotionally poignant cases that require not only a skilled clinician, but also a forensic expert who is sensitive to the competing pressures of independence vs. paternalism. At the same time, appraising a personís ability to meet their own needs, such as bill paying, taking medication, cleaning, shopping, or other essentials, requires a human component that transcends oneís scientific training. Neuropsychological testing, when performed by experts of The Forensic Panel, is meant to complement available history from home visits and pertinent interviewing, in order to precisely enumerate those areas where guardianship is temporarily or permanently needed.

The Forensic Panelís psychology and neuropsychology experts are proficient in cases that range from the guardian as a surrogate decision maker to guardianship and developmentally disabled individuals. Testing data informs recommendations about temporary or permanent needs. Reports and evaluations are crafted in a way that sensitively but responsively asserts a well-informed and evidence-based opinion that reflects history, testing, and sophistication for brain disorders and their prognosis. In addition, The Forensic Panelís peer-review ensures that findings reflect the requisite diligence, objectivity, and reflection of updated standards of neuroscience and applied neuropsychology, and the highest level of integrity.