Effects of Toxic Exposure

Toxic exposure can occur from a variety of sources and manifest itself in numerous ways. What if a person asserts cognitive or emotional changes? The Forensic Panelís expert neuropsychologist can be relied upon to examine the individual and to ascertain to what degree the person is affected, and to what degree those effects resemble what might customarily be seen from such toxic exposure. Is it the toxin -- or something else, like an earlier trauma, unfavorable social history such as poor education, or alcohol abuse, or malingering for example. The assessment requires not only a neuropsychologistís expertise with testing instruments and what they are specifically testing, but an awareness of different toxins and how they specifically affect the brain and its function.

Whether the consequences affect oneís thinking, behavior, or psychological functioning, our neuropsychologist experts work in conjunction with experts in The Forensic Panelís other specialties, such as psychology or toxicology, to arrive at findings that are bolstered by the accountability of peer review. Toxic exposure cases often confront controversial medical literature with conflicting guidance on forensic decision-making. For this reason, The Forensic Panelís peer review cements the adherence of the examination and its conclusions to the state of the science, and promotes the diligence needed to resolve toxin cases.