Involuntary Intoxication Forensic Experts

When the defendant has taken an illicit drug voluntarily, any crime committed under the influence is regarded with full culpability, regardless of intoxication. Yet that may not be the case for prescription medication or an involuntary intoxication. A qualified forensic psychiatrist may offer important understanding when prescribed medicines cause unexpected changes in behavior due to involuntary intoxication. Expert evaluation by a forensic psychiatrist is necessary when someone breaks the law when unexpectedly or involuntarily intoxicated – particularly when the intoxicant is a medically prescribed substance, or has not been abused for illicit effects. A defendant who is involuntarily intoxicated may not be liable for a crime committed.

Peer Reviewed Involuntary Intoxication Forensic Assessment

Involuntary intoxication inquiry by an experienced forensic psychiatrist will carefully trace prescriptions, effects and whether medicines caused the lawbreaking, as opposed to a person’s motivated choices. Committed to standards of the field, and composed of practitioners who regularly prescribe medicines, The Forensic Panel operates independent of pharmaceutical company or other industry influence. The Forensic Panel’s forensic psychiatry involuntary intoxication evaluations combine the objectivity of impartial expert practitioners with the integrity of peer reviewed oversight from independent-thinking colleagues. In making decisions about involuntary intoxication, The Forensic Panel’s peer review process ensures the quality of all reports and testimony made by the forensic psychiatrist.