Alternatives to Incarceration & Jail

Every day creative forensic options arise that offer the promise of alternatives to those facing prison. In some cases, both defense and prosecution welcome a incarceration alternative solution that affords treatment or a disposition that will truly lower the likelihood that a person will re-offend, by getting the defendant the psychiatric treatment he or she needs in the community rather than a confinement that will be antitherapeutic.  

Jail and incarceration alternative cases typically involve special populations, such as the developmentally disabled, juveniles and people with chronic mental health problems. Or, particular conditions, such as stalking, that may not allow for prolonged incarceration and so may portend an ongoing community nuisance. In such instances, expert consultation assists courts with judicious appraisal of real vs. exaggerated benefits of jail alternatives.  There are other options than incarceration.  An expert from The Forensic Panel can identify those incarceration alternatives and substantiate (or un-substantiate) their appropriateness.

Incarceration Alternative Recommendations

The Forensic Panel, with a national network of psychiatric, psychological, medical and forensic contacts and a finger on the pulse of modern psychiatric therapeutics and corrections, is ideally suited to expert forensic psychiatry consultation on this form of higher-level problem solving. Forensic peer-review, originated through The Forensic Panel, provides courts with even greater confidence for the critical forensic analysis behind incarceration alternative recommendations.