Workers Compensation Injury Claim Assessment

Workers who suffer brain damage, as a result of a workplace-related phenomenon, may be eligible for Workers Compensation. The challenge to an expert neuropsychologist or psychologist is to determine whether damage is “causally related,” as well as the level of disability and its prognosis. Precise interpretation of workers comp claim findings and context-specific analysis are key demands that The Forensic Panel’s expert psychologists and neuropsychologists provide, infusing their diverse and substantial experience. Workers' compensation cases benefit from sophistication in occupational medicine and epidemiology. Neuropsychologists in The Forensic Panel add such expertise to workers compensation claim cases. Peer-review, the oversight that distinguishes the definitive quality of examinations of The Forensic Panel, enhances the diligence and objectivity of findings and draws out subtleties in such a way as to bring utmost clarity and scientific grounding to complex workers comp injury examinations.