Workers Compensation Assessment

Workers' compensation protects employees who have incurred work-related injuries. From the standpoint of forensic toxicology, this means negative effects from contact with harmful substances in the workplace that in some way impede a person’s ability to work to full capacity.

The nature of a person’s injury and its cause are fundamental to workers compensation claims. Physicians are also expected to opine on the plaintiff’s ability to complete or return to work, and what can be done to ameliorate the effects of such a work-related injury when assessing workers comp claims.

Forensic Toxicologist Assessment of Workers Compensation Claims

Forensic toxicologists at The Forensic Panel use expertise in occupational medicine to sort the various causes of injuries in a workers compensation claim. Peer-review, an important feature of The Forensic Panel, endows cases with the oversight needed to fairly engage issues of malingering or secondary gain during a workers compensation assessment. The Forensic Panel’s workers comp assessments are structured to assist courts with the most qualified and informed opinions on workmans comp whose objectivity enhances confidence in the merit of our findings.