Employment Discrimination & Harassment Litigation Evaluation

Emotional injury claims are a fundamental part of the great majority of civil claims relating to age/race/gender/disability and religious employee harassment and discrimination litigation. While psychological testing is ubiquitous to workplace harassment and discrimination assessments, over-reliance upon psychological testing hampers many evaluations. The Forensic Panel’s approach is to carefully investigate and to draw out history reflecting on whether the litigant in workplace harassment cases has been affected, what might be the contributing stressor, whether injury is acute or longstanding, and to what degree. At that point, however, psychological testing for illness or personality considerations may enhance the depth and objectivity of the exam. Moreover, psychological testing contributes data to an attorney’s understanding of whether the employment discrimination litigant is a “reasonable person,” a critical element in the viability of discrimination and workplace harassment claims.

Harassment and Discrimination Assessment

The Forensic Panel is very experienced from consulting to both plaintiff and defense in workplace harassment/discrimination litigation. In this regard, psychological testing is performed based upon an appreciation of an examinee’s nuances as well as the more overt evidence. Peer review, originated and refined by The Forensic Panel, cements psychological testing and its interpretation to objective and science-grounded conclusions incorporating sophistication for the emotional impact of the workplace and current appreciation for emotional injury when it comes to workplace harassment and employment discrimination claims.