Paternity Testing & DNA Analysis

The key to paternity cases is DNA and this requires the utilization of accurate paternity testing methods. Genetic fingerprinting, DNA testing, DNA typing, and DNA profiling are techniques used to distinguish between individuals by using only samples of their DNA.

For chemists, this means the interpretation of paternity testing results can either rule out a potential parent or increase the likelihood of a genetic link. The Forensic Panel maintains world class expertise in the review of forensic DNA & paternity testing, including PCR-based DNA testing.

Paternity cases can be very contentious and emotional so it is extremely important that the finest forensic scientists are conducting the paternity testing. Scientists at The Forensic Panel are experienced in the use and interpretation of all modalities of DNA paternity testing currently employed in forensic casework. Moreover, peer-review oversight provides The Forensic Panel ensures up-to-date interpretation of available paternity testing data and diligence in accounting for all potential scenarios in such sensitive casework.