Occupational Exposure & Workplace Hazards

Forensic toxicologists examine the harmful interactions between adverse contaminants in the workplace and people who may have been exposed. Such occupational exposure allegations may arise in workers compensation, disability, or tort claims. Important features include time related aspects of the exposure and the dosage of pollutants that come into contact with the person.

Relevant questions to be asked in occupational and workplace exposure cases include: What is the nature of the aggravating substance and its effects on the human body? Are the plaintiff’s symptoms consistent with these effects? Are there any other possible sources of the plaintiff’s symptoms? Is it possible to ascertain with reasonable certainty the root of these symptoms? Finally, how do these symptoms relate to the plaintiff’s overall level of functioning?

Peer Reviewed Occupational Exposure Analysis

The Forensic Panel’s toxicologists bring a sophisticated expertise in occupational medicine and the effects of substances on the human body to case inquiries. Our expertise in occupational exposure cases includes physicians whose expertise combines medicine and toxicology to contribute to questions about prognosis. Our peer-review is specifically helpful in occupational exposure cases to ensure diligent investigation, objective interpretation of often equivocal data, and incorporation of standards of occupational medicine in our analysis about whether the occupational exposure case is legitimate.