Vehicular Manslaughter Forensic Investigation

Motor vehicle deaths and fatal car crashes are not always accidents. Statutory definitions vary from state to state, but most classify motor vehicle deaths as “vehicular homicide” or “vehicular manslaughter.” Determining the medical and legal causality of vehiculary homicide involves autopsy findings and immediate circumstances of death. The most useful determinants of causality are generally autopsy findings and factual reconstruction of the victim’s death. Pathologist, therefore, play an important role in determining the cause of death and gathering evidence to support or refute facts in the case and determine whether the deseased is a vicitim of vehicular homicide.

Expert Forensic Pathologist Vehicular Homicide Investigation

Experts at The Forensic Panel have the skillfulness and aptitude to collect from the victim of a motor vehicle death glass fragments, paint chips, chrome stripping and sometimes portions of the car that detached at impact. Also, these experts can use automobile grill impressions on the car accident victim’s skin to identify grill patterns unique to manufacturers. Tire tracks may be visible on the victim’s skin as well, and if these impressions are distinctive, they can help identify the type of tire on the vehicle in question. Pathologists can usually detail where the initial impact point was based on the victim’s center of gravity, which helps to determine the height of the vehicle. Questions of accuracy and speculative results are entirely overcome by The Forensic Panel’s trademark peer-review forensic investigation process.