Effects of Brain Injury

Brian injury can be a result of numerous circumstances and have variable prognoses. Neuroimaging, however, contributes a vital extra visual dimension to these disputes. Many with neuropsychological deficits may have a normal scan studies. More pronounced visual changes, when seen on brain scans, may demonstrate greater magnitude of injury or potential permanence.

The Forensic Panel’s expert neuroradiologists employ the most relevant imaging measures and apply responsible analysis to account for the significance of findings. The evaluation can address questions of the nature and vector of the brain injury, what was the cause of the injury, and can help to inform an understanding of the prognosis.

Through peer-review, The Forensic Panel’s expert neuroradiologist is held to highest academic standards of integrity – assuring an objective, fully informed report whose fidelity to the state of the art understandings of neuroimaging brings the “last word” to court.