Psychological Mental Retardation Assessment

Unlike many other psychiatric conditions, mental retardation is a developmental condition that is best characterized by significantly low intelligence and related substantial limitations in particular areas of adaptive behavior. The assessment of mental retardation is one of the most controversial areas in the mental health-law interface. Findings have far reaching impact on cases of disputed confessions, criminal responsibility, competencies, and eligibility for the death penalty.

Peer Reviewed Mental Retardation Psychological Testing

The Forensic Panel’s neuropsychology experts employ appropriately validated and normed instruments, and have the necessary experience to engage even the most nuanced and complex mental retardation cases and questions. Our methodology employs input from forensic psychiatry as well, and is heavily reliant upon information derived from collateral sources of information – not merely testing instruments. Furthermore, the neuropsychologists of The Forensic Panel are aware of the potentials and limitations of all the scientific literature of this area and its continued evolution. Through the rigorous and careful checks and balances system of The Forensic Panel’s peer-review, the neuropsychologist is held to the highest standard of evidence-based determination when it comes to diagnosing mental retardation.