Amnesia for the Offense

Those who claim amnesia for the criminal offense warrant the forensic expertise of neuropsychologists to determine the nature of any possible memory loss. The Forensic Panelís neuropsychology experts assess the different components of memory, using meticulous interviews, input from collateral sources of information, and targeted neuropsychological testing. Memory loss presents in particular ways in association with different causes; the neuropsychology expert understands the range of potential neurological conditions, from dementias to head trauma, and how they can affect memory.

Tracing the origin and nature of the amnesia is important in determining if defendants are competent to assist in their own defense by being able to provide an attorney the pertinent facts in their case. Neuropsychologist experts of The Forensic Panel have the special experience to map the parameters of memory loss and to assess its relevance to competency issues, as well as criminal responsibility. Peer review enables The Forensic Panel to inject oversight from highly qualified colleagues to ensure that interpretation of what may be nuanced information and complex data adheres to updated standards of neuropsychology and the current science of human memory.