Reasonable Accommodations

The ADA provides for “reasonable accommodations” – but what is “reasonable”? Can you accommodate at all, and how? Physicians from The Forensic Panel contribute input as to accommodation for the disabilities, balancing the demands and quality of the workplace with the examinee’s capabilities. Our specialists furthermore carefully review the available medical history to ascertain the prognosis of the disability, sometimes a key to the assessment of ability to accommodate a disability.

The Forensic Panel, given our experience in attracting complex forensic questions, has the expertise and experience to devise individualized, practical plans for accommodation for injured or ill employees that balance sensitivity and accountability. Our expert physicians include those who have had the experience of supervising employees for which accommodation may be overly cumbersome to the workplace. As such, the forensic examination conducted by The Forensic Panel benefits from the examiners’ balance of experience to approach such questions with constructive realism and sensibility.

The forensic evaluation for accommodation requires a keen sense of the potential and limitations of medical science to keep someone at the workplace. Accountability in the forensic examination minimizes the biases that can buffet the forensic examiner. The accountability provided by The Forensic Panel’s peer-review ensures fairness in a process that affects one employee’s livelihood and one workplace’s culture. Questions that have longer-term legal implications, such as evaluations under the ADA, benefit enormously from the savvy of The Forensic Panel to bring medical expertise to an understanding of how the ADA is applied to real-world challenges.