Evaluation of Disability Under the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act focuses on employer responsibilities for integrating not only those employees with mental disabilities but also those with physical needs. General medical and occupational medicine specialists of The Forensic Panel have sophistication in how the demands of the workplace relate to the disability and its true limitation. One of the most sensitive aspects of these examinations is the assessment of a person’s essential functions, and the examinee’s capacity to perform such essential functions. Those who present for such evaluations are invested in their work and often motivated to do as they must to return to the workplace.

Applying medical understanding of the mechanisms of disease to a workplace, The Forensic Panel’s world-class physicians know the fine points of the diseases of their respective specialties, and have the skills to teach employers and courts how such conditions interfere – or do not – with the essential functions of workplace duties. With an employee’s job on the line, such forensic evaluations have enormous ramifications. The expert witness must ascertain whether or not a particular employee is legitimately injured or ill, or merely a difficult individual unwilling to function in a company environment.

Peer-review, advanced by The Forensic Panel to endow the examination with oversight that maximizes objectivity and minimizes bias, very much assists evaluations like those for Americans with Disabilities Act which require creative, out-of-the-box thinking. The oversight of brilliant colleagues with complementary areas of expertise contributes to The Forensic Panel’s special ability to solve delicate challenges in cases in employment law and beyond.