Forensic Sexual Assault Assessment

Claimants of sexual assault present a challenge for emergency medicine physicians. Some sexual assault victims are ashamed and feel humiliated when recounting the assault and may even fabricate details. The emergency medicine physician studies available evidence from the rape kit, any laboratory test results, and the victim’s account of the sexual assault to determine what elements of the victim’s story can be corroborated. Emergency medicine experts benefit from the input of forensic nurses experienced in sexual assault examination, or qualified pediatricians and gynecologists.

Peer Reviewed Sexual Assault Assessment

The implications of sexual assault accusations and the obstacles that may impede an inquiry and a sexual assault case make it extremely helpful to incorporate peer-review into the examination. The Forensic Panel’s oversight incorporates the input of complementary expertise, ensures creative diligence to resolve elusive puzzles, and contains bias in an emotional climate. The findings of a sexual assault cased presented before the court contain the highest level of medical certainty and integrity.