Poison Exposure Assessment

Product tampering or femme fatale? In questions of poisoning and drug toxicity cases, the emergency and critical care medicine physicians assess the documented physical symptoms and available lab work. At the same time, these forensic physicians examine evidence from the home or previous places of exposure to determine the correct diagnosis of toxicity.

Peer Reviewed Expertise for Poisoning Cases

Woven into the exposure assessment of poisoning and drug intoxication is the possibility of drug dependence, drug withdrawal, and evidence of impairment. The emergency medicine physician also incorporates input from expert forensic toxicology to ascertain the nature of  a poisoning case and provide the appropriate recommendations for treatment based on clinical findings. The Forensic Panel’s peer-review oversight lends valuable added expertise to the resolution of such complex puzzles as possible poisonings.

Forensic Poisoning Assessment Experts

Medical determinations in a poisoning case may mean the difference between a suspect charged with attempted murder or a victim charged with filing a false police report, or no charges at all. Examinations of The Forensic Panel achieve a level of integrity precisely because the emergency medicine specialist submits to the accountability of colleagues who ensure the level of diligence and objectivity required, and the evidence-based conclusions mandated, from controversial poisoning cases.