Forensic Assessment of Workers' Compensation Claims

If an employer, or even an insurance company, challenges a workers compensation claim, a person will need to “prove” the claim – usually by seeing an appropriate specialist. Workers compensation claims require a person to demonstrate the causal nature of the injury, and the expected duration of the person’s emotional injury.

Assessments of workers compensation claims must take into account other causal factors and a careful assessment of the person’s functioning. Often complicating these assessments is a concurrent personal injury claim, and the potential for the examination to be leveraged into a tangential proceeding – unbeknownst to the examiner.

Forensic psychiatrists of The Forensic Panel apply sensitive and nuanced assessment to fairly appraise such emotional injury questions, along with the investigative diligence needed to determine whether the injury was at least partly caused by the person’s job. Enhanced by peer-review that ensures an evidence-based and objective investigation, each report submitted by The Forensic Panel aims to provide a “last word” to workers compensation courts.