Forensic Psychiatrist Disability Assessment

Given that disability claims are numerous, forensic psychiatrists need to give a voice to people whose claims are legitimate, and, conversely, help attorneys silence those claims that are not. Some cases require expert input on whether a person is unable to work. Others pose questions of whether one can work at his own occupation.

Forensic psychiatrists at The Forensic Panel customize evaluations specific to each case to assess the alleged disability. In each case, the forensic psychiatrist will determine the extent of disability, the effect the disability has upon the person and the persons lifestyle, what can be done to ameliorate the effect of the disability, and what the long term impact of the disability is expected to be. Moreover, to increase the objectivity and reliability of the conclusions, our peer-review ensures that a sufficient accounting of information has resulted in an assessment consistent with standards of the field. The Forensic Panels system ensures that the final report is of the highest scientific integrity.