Selected Court Cases

In re: Dorris Duke

This Los Angeles criminal matter, in which The Forensic Panel consulted to the defense, related to the estate of Doris Duke, the onetime wealthiest heiress in America. Ms. Payette, who had been accused of stealing from prosperous elderly in Beverly Hills to whom she had been attending as a nurse, became a pivotal figure in the testamentary conflict that erupted over the Duke estate.

The Forensic Panelís specialist examined the interactions between personnel in the home and Ms. Duke, her mental state, the sequence of her decisions, how she was exploited and by whom. In addition, our expert reviewed the treatment preceding Ms. Dukeís demise, in the course of a death investigation probing homicide vs. death by natural causes. The case investigation by The Forensic Panel yielded important evidence that also impacted the protracted testamentary dispute.