Selected Court Cases

In re: Nina Wang

In a case that captivated China, the estate of the richest woman in Asia, Nina Wang, fell into dispute when her former feng shui master laid legal claim to her fortune after her death. The Forensic Panel was retained to probe the relationship of Ms. Wang and the alleged recipient of her estate and the parameters of undue influence in a relationship noted for its privacy. Testamentary capacity was seemingly relevant to Ms. Wang, as she had been physically declining from cancer for some time. However, Ms. Wang, was a shrewd and far from disengaged businesswoman. 


It was a companionship with the feng shui master and its distinctive features, and the graduation of that relationship across a boundary of exploitation and dependency that turned the case. The Forensic Panel’s specialist closely prepared litigating attorneys on the fine points of relationship dynamics and how they coincided with transactions. Even as attorneys changed over the course of a protracted litigation, the strategies and guidance of The Forensic Panel were integral points of emphasis and guided trial efforts of Ms. Wang’s charitable foundation, which legally prevailed and overturned the will.