Selected Court Cases

State of New York v. Natavia Lowery

In this case of a young woman accused of fatally bludgeoning her boss – well-known real estate broker and former musician manager, Linda Stein, defense counsel asserted that the confession given by their client to police was coerced. The Forensic Panel was asked by the prosecution to testify in a Frye hearing on admissibility of defense testimony and the limitations and merit of false confession research to date. The Court ruled in favor of the prosecution and excluded the proposed defense testimony. Ms. Lowery was convicted of murder at trial. Our specialist’s testimony in this case has been cited in subsequent New York court rulings on the issue.


The Forensic Panel’s specialist’s testimony has consistently resulted in successful Frye challenges on this issue in several New York jurisdictions, and continues to be cited in unrelated cases. 


At the same time, The Forensic Panel recognizes that certain testimony in disputed confessions may have scientific foundation and engages such issues on a case by case basis, including at the request of defense attorneys. 


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