Selected Court Cases

State of New Jersey v. Jayson Williams

In the trial of the former NBA star charged in the shooting death of his limo driver, Williams raised a host of psychiatric and medical claims in connection with his obstruction of justice charges, presenting a complement of expert witnesses. Prosecutors retained The Forensic Panel to consider each of these diagnoses and claims. On the eve of The Forensic Panelís court-ordered psychiatric examination, Williamsí pulled his entire psychiatric defense to circumvent the interview. When Williams responded with a medical defense, The Forensic Panel pivoted to involve specialists with this expertise, and drew out evidence reflecting on the defendantís customary relatedness and choices, and their correlation with the medical issues asserted, in a peer-reviewed report. Williams pulled the medical report of his medical specialist, Dr. Michael Baden, in order to prevent The Forensic Panelís rebuttal. He was ultimately convicted at trial of the evidence tampering charges and all of the charges that related to The Forensic Panelís work.