Selected Court Cases

State of Hawaii v. Byran Uyesugi

Subsequent to the worst mass homicide in Hawaii history, The Forensic Panel’s specialist reviewed records and examined the defendant at the request of the prosecution. The defense had presented multiple testifying experts, including Dr. Park Dietz and Dr. Daryl Matthews, in support of an insanity claim. Our forensic psychiatrist investigated conflicts at his Xerox workplace and reconstructed events tracking the defendant’s decision making and concluded that he had a psychotic illness, but had a malevolent desire to destroy his workplace in a power struggle over his expected responsibilities. After The Forensic Panel’s specialist testified at trial, the defendant was convicted of murder. The verdict was upheld on subsequent appeals.


As a result of its work on the case, The Forensic Panel was later approached by both sides in civil litigation that followed the criminal trial, against Xerox and the hospital who treated Uyesugi, and played a key role in resolution of the claims. The Uyesugi matters are one of eight American mass killings or attempted mass killings on which The Forensic Panel has consulted.


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