Selected Court Cases

Mhmood and Adnan Haider v. America West

A confrontation in an airport led to a father and son being removed from an airplane prior to its takeoff. The passengers then filed suit against America West, alleging that the airline evicted them from a flight because it discriminated against them for being Muslim. 


In a Maryland case closely watched nationally at a time that advocates were publicizing the idea of being discrimination based on against for “flying while Muslim,” The Forensic Panel, at the request of the defendant, examined claims that the Haiders had suffered emotional distress from being removed from the plane. The defendants prevailed at trial in federal court, drawing from The Forensic Panel’s written findings and expert guidance in successfully cross-examining witnesses. What was once anticipated to be a national cottage industry of litigation, particularly by rights advocates well-financed by Islamist interests, has subsequently failed to gain momentum.